Local Development Plugin Question.

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I am new to answer and would like to develop a plugin myself and would like to ask the following questions:

  1. What do I need to do to start answer in local source code? I read in the documentation that the only way to do this is to package it into a binary file and start it with a command.
  2. In which directory do I need to develop the plugin in the source code? Is the way to develop plugins the same as https://github.com/answerdev/plugins?

Looking forward to your reply!!!

1 Answers
  1. Yes, you are right. Execute the command according to the documentation instructions and it will start. Of course, you can also start the golang service first, and then manually start the front-end project, just like a normal react project would work.
  2. Yes, right. Clone plugins repository. The create a new directory just like the existing plugin for development.