Suggestion for Improved UI Customization with Semantic Class Naming in Answer

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I am reaching out to share a suggestion regarding the user interface customization of Answe. I have observed that the current DOM structure, particularly the class naming, tends to be less semantic. While I understand that this approach aligns with modern UI development trends and doesn't pose a significant issue in general, it sometimes creates challenges, especially for those of us looking to leverage the platform's custom HTML/CSS capabilities for enhanced functionality.

The use of more semantic class names in the DOM would greatly facilitate users like me in precisely targeting and modifying specific functional blocks with custom styles or scripts. Therefore, I propose the consideration of incorporating more descriptive and semantic class names or ID within the DOM structure. This change would be a valuable addition for advanced users seeking to fine-tune their interface through custom coding.

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You can create a post on github to allow more people to participate in the discussion. We will consider the implementation and necessity of the solution.