Can't delete a tag actually without a synonym.

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I tried to delete a tag without a synonym and received a error that this tag cant be deleted for having a synonym. I try to look into the database, found no table use for synonym.





I don't know why the database seems right and error goes out.

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Make sure there are no synonyms here right?

The tag's synonym save by main_tag_id column in tag table. For example, the golang have a synonym called go, it means the go tag's main_tag_id is golang tag's id.

For ERROR: This is a front-end error message, perhaps caused by front-end caching, you can try the privacy mode of your browser or change your browser and try again.

you can follow the steps below to check whether the data query is correct.If /answer/api/v1/tag/synonyms?tag_id=XXX api returns data, it means that there are synonyms, if not, it may be that our database may have compatibility issues