Can the size of the image be controlled when uploading?"

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Sorry for my English.As shown in the picture below, when I upload an image, the final displayed image is very large, even if the image has few pixels, with the width of the image being the same as the width of the question and answer area. Can the size of the final displayed image be adjusted?


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There is currently no relevant configuration to adjust the size of image display.

In addition, the size of the image display has nothing to do with the pixels of the image, but with the width of the image. Through css, you can see that the image only limits the maximum width.

For example, if I upload a small picture, the effect is like this

Currently, the only way to limit the display size of images is by customizing css.

However, this method will limit the size of all images, and you need to decide whether to use it; to customize css, you can do it by visiting Admin -> Customize -> CSS/HTML.