Is there still a market for Answer Q&A communities?

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Is there still a market for Answer Q&A communities?

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Of course, I think every organization should build a Q&A community.

  • Internally it helps efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Externally it helps with customer support, user communication and business growth.

Good question.

  1. Google has generally downranked user generated content for search results, so it became a lot harder to acquire traffic, which results in lower ad revenues and a weak business model
  2. many Q&A communities closed their doors (e.g. Yahoo Answers)
  3. Quora is huge, reddit is even bigger, Stackoverflow, and others cover niches

While it’s probably not a good idea to launch another B2C Q&A site, there is still a market. Building a c2c knowledge base for a telco, around a web product is a great way to engage users and have your staff, but also your users answer other users questions. And current Q&A scripts/softwares are mostly on outdated stacks, so is a brillant initiative

Totally. I see this project becoming something big in the future and potentially competing with other forum software.