What might be the special value of the Question and Anwer community in the age of AI?

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What is scarce when information becomes cheap, when there is an answer when you scan it, when AI is at your fingertips?

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I'd like to say Q&A community offers a space for sharing real-world experience, shared learning, and context of a question. They mean a lot.

AI is trained based on data, so capturing real-world experience might be a bit hard for it. If you're seeking a recipe, sure, AI gives you an answer. But sometimes grandma's whispering secret or that recipe book gets that magic.

I find it hard to make AI understand the context of a question or my intent (probably my prompt needs an upgrade). Here, in the community, I am free to let go the clarifications and additional in for others. That allows me to seek feedback proactively. User who is with the same question as I do can refer to the whole discussing process and get the answer. No more back and forth explanation, etc.

Opnions are my own. Waiting for other response.

Communities are places where good problems are discovered and possibilities are created. If from a system perspective, the community is the place where inputs are connected in a segmented scenario, and good questions outweigh good answers, which may be why Q/A communities are different from AI values.

But whether GPT will weaken the connection between people?Professionals generate unique issues that are the value of community.

I think, the value of question-and-answer communities remains irreplaceable for the following reasons:

  • Human perspective: AI tends to converge to similar viewpoints, while human diverse perspectives and individual emotions can add valuable background information and deep insights to answers.
  • Solving complex problems: AI excels at solving clear-cut problems but struggles with complex and ambiguous issues that require analysis and deconstruction.
  • Trust: The illusions created by generative AI are unavoidable, whereas human responses can be controlled.
  • Emotions and sense of belonging: Humans are emotional beings, and the mutual communication, understanding, and support within a community are challenging for AI to achieve.

AI makes information easily accessible, but the challenge for humans lies in discerning wisdom. AI provides suggestions, but ultimately, humans are the ones who need to address the problems. The value of question-and-answer communities will be enhanced with the support of AI.

QuestionAnswer and forums can be good assets for companies to share their experiences and procedures. Sometimes, the client solutions and data are specific and can be shared on forums and it is not necessarily public knowledge.