Customized translation file not working

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I customised the translation file for Traditional Chinese (zh-TW.ymal), but when I switched the default interface language to Traditional Chinese as administrator, the interface was in English instead of Traditional Chinese.

Steps to Reproduce

Try to switch to another language to see if the problem is related to the format of the ymal file.

  • Replace the content of the language file (.ymal).

    • Replacing the contents of the original(zh_CN.yaml) with (zh_TW.yaml) or (en_US.yaml).

    • Rename original(zh_CN.yaml) to (zh_TW.yaml) or (en_US.yaml).


    • Rename the (en_US.yaml) to something else,then copy and rename the other translation files such as (zh_CN.yaml) to (en_US.yaml)

Switch to the corresponding language, it still shows English, only the plugin's translation changes.

Customised zh_TW.yaml could download from my onedrive [click the file name or download]

1 Answers

Format the Yaml file,issue solved.

If you are modifing your own translation file, please make sure calibrate the format .