What do you think about this feature: Pseudo Anonymous Identity for users while posting and answering to questions

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How it is usefull?
Pseduo Anonymity encourages users to ask question, raise concerns which they can't ask publicly due to risk of rising that question. And Same applies for answering to the question. Even though community members know what they have to do. They won't/can't do it considering risk

if this product is used By Hr professionals for building organization culture, making employees help each other. For cases like Abuse, discrimination in any form of nature or even it might be related to some sensitive events where people are shy to ask.
Describe the solution you'd like

How can we solve?
Levels.FYI solves problem of Pseudo anonymous Identity in their platform. Checkout their community section https://www.levels.fyi/community.
while user creation, user will option for alias name. they can input that or use system generated names. while they are participating in community it provides option for toggling their identity levels.

if user with to identify them self profile hyperlink will work. else link would be disabled

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