Setting up Answer docker with Google Sign in

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Curious... for an experienced DevOps person... how long should it take to install an Answer docker install and configure it with Google Sign in?

My team spun it up fast, but cannot get the Google Sign in to work. Broke the instance, had to reload, and has stated that it has taken 11 hours to get back to a basic docker instance with no Google Sign in.

Is the Google Sign in that difficult? We are quite familiar with Google Cloud and projects. We use Google Sign in with a bunch of other projects with no issue.

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I just tried starting with the latest docker image and configured a new Google Oauth2 and it works fine. The details of the configuration are shown on the image below


The Scope is,,openid.


What kind of problems did you encounter, e.g., no normal redirect, any error output in the logs, or any other error message? Please be specific, otherwise we can't help you.

Thanks for your input. I put it back on my team, and they got it working.

But now they are saying that the Google auth will only work with one Google Workspace domain.

Now can be logged into with ABCD google accounts. We can only have one google domain with login per instance of Answer so if we want all three schools to be able to login with google we will need three different instances.

This seems incorrect to me as we have other Google auth configs that are similar and are able to allow any Google account (though we limit with allowed domains).

Should we be able to have multiple Google Workspace domains signing in?