How can I display quick links in the side nav?

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Not clear to me how to enable this on my own instance:


2 Answers

These menus are inserted through custom scripts! Our management background supports some of our own functions through custom scripts!

You can insert some custom js through the Footer of /admin/css-html to realize this function



Thank you @shuai

I actually wrote the required script before seeing your response so glad I didn't waste my time --- here is my solution for future readers!

      setTimeout(addQuickLinks, 350);

      function addQuickLinks() {
        if (document.getElementById("sideNav") != null) {
        quickLinks = '<div class="py-2 px-3 mt-3 small fw-bold quick-link">Quick Links</div><a class="nav-link" href="/tags/discussion">Discussion</a><a class="nav-link" href="/tags/support">Support</a><a class="nav-link" href="/tags/feedback">Feedback</a><a class="nav-link" href="/tags/bugs">Bugs</a>';

        splitSection = 'href="/users"><i class="br bi-people-fill me-2"></i><span>Users</span></a>';

        sideNav = document.getElementById("sideNav").innerHTML;
        sectionArry = sideNav.split(splitSection);
        newSideNav = sectionArry[0] + splitSection + quickLinks + sectionArry[1];
        document.getElementById("sideNav").innerHTML = newSideNav ;