How to implement SSR in Answer project?

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I found that Google adsense is not able to detect the content in my website. The main reason is that Google does not execute JS when crawling content. So I need SSR.

Please guide me how to implement SSR in answer project.

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I found the reason for this problem. The default robots file prevents the api from being crawled. Search engines can't fill the page if they can't get the data.

I use Google Search Console's crawler. If you disable Google robots from crawling API related links, then no results will appear in step 4 in the image below. In the step 5, you will get a prompt that API-related links are blocked by the robots file, causing Google robots to be unable to crawl API-related links.

If API related content is currently rendered on the backend, then I should not see API related links in the chrome browser development tools. But I can currently see these API related links.

The image below clearly shows the API related links. Without these APIs to get content from the backend, the web page would have no content.

Googlebot is a crawler program used by the Google search engine, which is responsible for accessing and crawling web content and adding it to Google's index. Googlebot is automated and navigates from one webpage to another by following links while crawling and parsing the webpage's content.

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a set of tools designed to help website owners monitor and optimize their performance in Google search results. It provides a range of features, including submitting and validating websites, viewing search analytics data, managing site maps, checking and troubleshooting errors, and more.

The usage scenarios of the two are different, So I say your usage scenario has nothing to do with SSR.