How to add a feature to platform & New Feature Request

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I am new to coding and I'm not sure how to deploy updates to my application by editing, building, and deploying it.

While I had no trouble deploying the Docker file initially, I find it challenging to make changes and redeploy using Docker.

The feature I want to add is a daily login bonus for users, where they will receive 10 reputation points each day they log in. I would like this feature to be configurable through the admin panel.

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Regarding the two problems you mentioned:

  1. Upgrading and redeploying Apache Answer can be challenging. The documentation at provides guidance on the upgrade process. If you continue to have difficulties, please describe the specific issues you're facing so I can try to help further.

  2. Currently, Apache Answer does not have a feature to automatically increase user reputation for logging in daily. However, you can submit a feature request by opening a new issue on the project's GitHub repository: The development team will review your suggestion and consider adding this functionality in a future release.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to provide additional assistance.