Formula plugins often gets stuck

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Currently the plugin has poor fault tolerance when editing formulas in latex format. There are various scenarios like:

  1. enter two $$, return, then enter $$
  2. Go back to the end of the first line and enter ---stuck


You can type in latex formula from this site and copy it to answer's formula and edit it a few times, it often gets stuck!

report some bug for plugin formula v1.2.9:

  1. The formula of block mode($$) is not displayed in the view view, edit preview is basically normal
  2. Formulas for block mode, line breaks (\ 3 times or \ 2 times ?) or alignment (&) of multiple lines are sometimes problematic
f(n) =
n/2, & \text{if }n\text{ is even}  \\\
3n+1, & \text{if }n\text{ is odd}
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Sorry, this issue still exists due to incomplete test coverage. You can now upgrade editor-formula to 1.2.9 and try again.