Why the new user I created can't upvote the question?

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Sorry for my English. I am using the latest binary file(version: 1.1.0) and have chosen sqlite as the database, and the Site URL is http://localhost:9080.

When I created a new user and used the user to upvote a question, I found that couldn't be implemented (I had set the privileges to Level 1), and there were some exceptions, such as the profile page was abnormal and couldn't be edited


edit profile

In addition, when I created new accout through email, and clicked the link in the activation email, the activation could not be completely successful, and the system would become abnormal. When I restarted the system, I found that the reputation of the new user was 0. To set the reputation to 1, I can only click the button of "Add User" to create a new accout.

user reputation

user admin

Finally, why is the version is 0.0.0 and not 1.1.0?



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