the shutdown and reopening operations cannot be performed using 80 port

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Sorry, I'm asking again. I switched port 80 of the server to 9080. When accessing the website through the server IP (previously created through IP:9080), the shutdown and reopening operations cannot be performed. How should I deal with this?

I don't see any error logs in the container


But after I changed debug in config.yaml, I saw some logs:

Normally, 403 means you don't have permission to operate. So can I ask if the account you are using is admin?

I just reinstalled the answer system. I first tried to execute docker run answer directly through port 80, but it was prompted that 80 was occupied, so I used 9080 to execute run and 80 to execute the installation. However, after the installation was completed, I found that I could not switch the language. A 403 appears as soon as I switch.


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