The image will not be displayed after the upgrade

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Use the following command to upgrade:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Include user-defined profile image, pictures in questions and answers:


Create a new one after the upgrade:


During the upgrade, the settings in the docker-compose.yaml file were as follows:

image: apache/answer
  - answer-data:/data

However, the currently running Answer project has an image set as answerdev/answer. Is it possible that this difference in image specifications caused the creation of a new container during the upgrade instead of updating the existing project? As a result, images for avatars and content in the questions and answers may not be displaying properly.

1 Answers

The default docker-compose file uses answer-data volume as the store. The docker compose down command will not delete the volume. It is recommended that you use the docker inspect answer-data command to view the directory.